Keeping Your Aluminum Flatbed Free Of Scratches

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Keeping Your Aluminum Flatbed Free Of Scratches

30 November 2016
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If you decided to purchase that truck with an aluminum flatbed for sale in order to haul equipment, materials, or personal items from location to location, you will want to take the necessary steps in keeping this useful surface free of scratches so it looks its best. A flatbed that is not cared for properly may obtain scrapes and unsightly damaged portions due to friction from items being placed on top of and taken off of the flat surface. Here are some steps you can follow to keep your aluminum flatbed looking new and free of damage for as long as possible.

Clean The Flatbed Regularly

It is important to remove any debris from your aluminum flatbed regularly so it does not become caked onto the surface, possibly leading to scratching as items drag over this dirt. Clean your flatbed with a mild detergent mixed with water. Make sure this detergent is safe from use on aluminum surfaces before applying it to your flatbed. Scrub any areas with excessive debris with a soft-bristled brush by hand. Afterward, rinse your flatbed with a pressure washer to remove the soap in its entirety. Allow your truck to dry in a sunny area.

Add A Layer Of Protection

An untreated aluminum surface may become oxidized when in outdoor areas for extended time periods. To eliminate this risk, a protective barrier can be applied directly to the aluminum. Consider painting your flatbed to help keep oxidation at bay. Another method in covering the aluminum is with a special polish you can purchase from your auto dealer. This agent is applied with a circular motion so it is free of streak marks. Use a piece of microfiber cloth to apply the polish to your truck immediately after it has dried following a cleaning session.

Use A Cover To Avoid Damage

One way to protect an aluminum flatbed is by covering it so it is less likely to become scratched. Purchase a rubber mat to place into the bottom of the bed so the aluminum is not exposed to sharp edges or inclement weather. Your truck should be stored in a garage or underneath a car port when you are not using it so moisture does not buildup upon the aluminum surface. A tarp can also be placed over the bed of your truck to aid in the elimination of moisture and debris buildup at a time your truck is not being utilized.

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