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Keeping Your Aluminum Flatbed Free Of Scratches

If you decided to purchase that truck with an aluminum flatbed for sale in order to haul equipment, materials, or personal items from location to location, you will want to take the necessary steps in keeping this useful surface free of scratches so it looks its best. A flatbed that is not cared for properly may obtain scrapes and unsightly damaged portions due to friction from items being placed on top of and taken off of the flat surface. Here are some steps you can follow to keep your aluminum flatbed looking new and free of damage for as long as possible.

Clean The Flatbed Regularly

It is important to remove any debris from your aluminum flatbed regularly so it does not become caked onto the surface, possibly leading to scratching as items drag over this dirt. Clean your flatbed with a mild detergent mixed with water. Make sure this detergent is safe from use on aluminum surfaces before …

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3 Tips For Transmission Maintenance

The transmission of your vehicle is a critical part because it allows your vehicle to change gears with no problems and it protects your engine. The engine and transmission are two car parts that you need to be mindful of maintaining to the best of your ability, so you need to make sure that you take it upon yourself to get the most of your transmission. With this in mind, follow these three tips in the article in order to keep your transmission up to par. 

#1: Periodically Check Out Your Transmission Fluid

When you need to be sure that your transmission runs the way that it should, you will need to keep fluid maintenance as one of the most important factors. To check your fluid levels, let the engine run for a few minutes until it gets warm. From there, you should pull out the dipstick and check the …

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Tools You Should Bring While Off-Roading With Your Truck

When you take your truck off road, it will be your responsibility to perform any repairs and maintenance necessary to keep your truck operational and to get your truck out of difficult situations, such as if your truck becomes stuck. There are several pieces of truck equipment that you should consider bringing with you.

Traction Ramps

When a tire is stuck, one approach is to place a floor mat under the tire. However, this is a poor substitute for a product that is commonly used for this situation: traction ramps. The ramps should be unfolded and placed under the stuck tire. This provides the tire with the grip needed for it to move under snowy, sandy, or muddy conditions.

Quick Deflators

Tires will have more traction if they are aired down before traversing through deep sand and rock. A quick deflator makes this much easier. The piece screws to the …

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How To Restore Your Headlights Without A Mechanic

Are your car headlights looking a bit cloudy? If so, this fog can make your headlight’s brightness less effective and in some cases this can limit your visibility on the road. Rather than spend hundreds on headlight restoration services, there are a few options that you can do on your own to help make your headlight lenses clearer. Consider the following:

Clean with Toothpaste: 

An easy at-home headlight restoration is to use toothpaste as your cleaning product. What you will need with this option is a bowl of warm water, an old toothbrush, and of course your toothpaste. First you will want to rinse the headlight off with some water and then apply a good amount of toothpaste onto the the brush and begin brushing the surface of your headlight. After covering the entire headlight, rinse and repeat if needed. The grit of the toothpaste will help remove gunk and …

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3 Tips For Finding Replacement Parts For Your Classic Car

One of the hardest parts about owning a classic car is keeping it running, mostly because the parts that the car requires can often be very difficult to find. These parts are often hard to find due to limited availability and the fact that the cars have been out of production for quite a few years. Listed below are three tips that can help you find replacement parts for your classic car.

Wrecking Yards

One way to find a classic car part is to start visiting local wrecking yards. These wrecking yards will often strip usable parts off of all of the vehicles that are delivered to them in order to resell them. In some cases, the wrecking yard will also allow you to look through the yard in order to find any parts for your classic car that they may have missed or did not think anyone would want. …

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Want To Tint Your Car’s Windows? 4 Tips To Enjoy Long-Lasting Results

Most vehicle owners drive to work, to handle errands, and to enjoy recreational activities. With so much time spent in the car, it makes perfect sense to invest in additions that improve your driving experience. However, you may not want to add something that will substantially change the vehicle. Tinting your windows is ideal as it provides several benefits across the board without any clear disadvantages. Reduced sun glare, privacy, and keeping the car at a cooler temperature are the main perks. It is important to pay attention to ways that you can avoid prematurely damaging the tint to make sure it lasts a long time.

Replace Any Cracked Windows

Before you go ahead with car window tinting, you do not want to have any cracks in your windshield. Depending on the size of the crack, you could be unintentionally breaking the law by driving around with a sizeable …

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