Tools You Should Bring While Off-Roading With Your Truck

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Tools You Should Bring While Off-Roading With Your Truck

27 May 2016
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When you take your truck off road, it will be your responsibility to perform any repairs and maintenance necessary to keep your truck operational and to get your truck out of difficult situations, such as if your truck becomes stuck. There are several pieces of truck equipment that you should consider bringing with you.

Traction Ramps

When a tire is stuck, one approach is to place a floor mat under the tire. However, this is a poor substitute for a product that is commonly used for this situation: traction ramps. The ramps should be unfolded and placed under the stuck tire. This provides the tire with the grip needed for it to move under snowy, sandy, or muddy conditions.

Quick Deflators

Tires will have more traction if they are aired down before traversing through deep sand and rock. A quick deflator makes this much easier. The piece screws to the valve stem to allow for a removal of the valve core. This allows air to leave when needed, which allows the airing down process to be much faster and more precise.

Portable Air Compressors

If the air on your tires is low, you would normally want to head to a nearby gas station. However, if you are in an isolated location, you will need your own air compressor to fill your tires. Some air compressors are designed to mount to the roof of your car so that you can more easily work with it.

A Multipurpose Tool

You should bring as many tools with you as possible since you will need to perform all necessary repairs and various other tasks if your truck breaks down. One useful tool is the max multipurpose tool. This consists of a shovel, sledgehammer, pick, rake, and several other tools. The head of one tool is removed and replaced with the one that is needed and secured with a hitch pin.

An Assortment Of Tools

You should also bring a tool bag. Bring tools that are ideal for your specific type of vehicle and terrain. You will need drivers, vise grips, pliers, wrenches, WD-40, a tire-plug kit, and a multitool. It would also be helpful to pack some rope, wire and tape. The bag should be rugged since you will likely need to use it under conditions that might cause less durable bags too become damaged. Each of these items will ensure that you are able to perform maintenance and keep your truck on the road.

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