3 Tips For Finding Replacement Parts For Your Classic Car

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3 Tips For Finding Replacement Parts For Your Classic Car

27 May 2016
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One of the hardest parts about owning a classic car is keeping it running, mostly because the parts that the car requires can often be very difficult to find. These parts are often hard to find due to limited availability and the fact that the cars have been out of production for quite a few years. Listed below are three tips that can help you find replacement parts for your classic car.

Wrecking Yards

One way to find a classic car part is to start visiting local wrecking yards. These wrecking yards will often strip usable parts off of all of the vehicles that are delivered to them in order to resell them. In some cases, the wrecking yard will also allow you to look through the yard in order to find any parts for your classic car that they may have missed or did not think anyone would want. 

Online Marketplaces

Another great resource for finding classic car parts is by looking at an online auto parts marketplace. These marketplaces will have parts listed from a large network of private individuals that are selling off pieces of their classic cars and wrecking yards that have discovered classic vehicles on their lots. Due to the wide array of sellers from all over the world, these online marketplaces are one of the easiest ways to find that last part that you may need to restore your vehicle.

New Part Manufacturers

Finally, there are a number of manufacturers on the market that specialize in making new parts that are designed to be compatible with a large number of classic cars. The main benefits of these parts are that they are more readily available and can help you modernize your vehicle if you desire. For example, you can choose to use new parts for your classic car that look and work exactly like their classic counterparts, but are lighter and more reliable due to modern manufacturing processes and materials. 

However, this approach does have a downside in that new parts can actually affect the value of your classic car. In many cases, people looking to buy classic cars will be looking for original parts and will offer less for a car that does not have those parts.

Keeping your classic car running and in good shape does not have to be too difficult as there are options available for finding new and used classic car parts. By utilizing wrecking yards, online marketplaces, and new part manufacturers you can make it much easier to find the parts that your vehicle needs. Contact an accessories supplier, like Reggie's Garage, to get started.


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