Want To Tint Your Car's Windows? 4 Tips To Enjoy Long-Lasting Results

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Want To Tint Your Car's Windows? 4 Tips To Enjoy Long-Lasting Results

26 May 2016
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Most vehicle owners drive to work, to handle errands, and to enjoy recreational activities. With so much time spent in the car, it makes perfect sense to invest in additions that improve your driving experience. However, you may not want to add something that will substantially change the vehicle. Tinting your windows is ideal as it provides several benefits across the board without any clear disadvantages. Reduced sun glare, privacy, and keeping the car at a cooler temperature are the main perks. It is important to pay attention to ways that you can avoid prematurely damaging the tint to make sure it lasts a long time.

Replace Any Cracked Windows

Before you go ahead with car window tinting, you do not want to have any cracks in your windshield. Depending on the size of the crack, you could be unintentionally breaking the law by driving around with a sizeable crack. The windshield is where you are most likely to have cracks, but it can also happen on other windows. These cracks, even when they are small, will most likely grow in size and require replacing anyways. So, it is a better investment of time and money to replace cracked windows before getting a tint job.

Keep the Windows Rolled Up

When you get the windows tinted, you do not want to automatically roll the windows down. If you notice haziness, it is simply because it has not had a chance to fully cure. Depending on the time of year, it could take extra time for the windows to be ready for rolling down due to humid conditions or cold weather. The easiest guideline to follow is to wait until all haziness is gone before rolling the windows down.

Avoid Ammonia-Based Cleaners

While you can buy window cleaners that are made for tinted windows, you do not have to make a trip to the store, nor do you have to pay a premium to get a pre-made solution in a bottle. An easy alternative is to make your own ammonia-free cleaner, which only needs 1 tablespoon of dish soap to 2 cups water.

Get a Squeegee That Is Safe to Use

If you normally use the squeegees at gas stations to clean your windows, you may want to exercise caution and invest in your own. Some of these squeegees have metal components that can scratch the tint on your windows if you are not careful with how you use this nifty tool. Getting one with a plastic handle and no metal parts will help you avoid causing unnecessary damage to your tinted windows.

Tinting your windows is a great move, and following these tips will ensure the tint lasts a long time.

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