Rust Protection: If You Can't Beat It, Convert It

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Rust Protection: If You Can't Beat It, Convert It

18 May 2016
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Most rust prevention methods involve the physical removal of rust by using wire brushes, grinders, or sandpaper. This is usually necessary in order to make it possible for stronger bonds to form between the rust-preventing substance and the metallic car part that is being armed with rust-avoiding capabilities.

However, a problem usually arises when one has to deal with a thin rusted car part. This is because the rigorous scrubbing and brushing that most rust prevention processes require can produce heat, which may then cause the part to warp. There are also cases where the metal is rusted to such an extent that scrubbing can wear it out until it becomes unusable.

The reduced-risk alternative

Instead of having to risk the usability of the panel being treated by removing all the rust, one can always choose to use a rust converter. These are substances that have chemicals that react with the rust in order to form a more-appealing uniform layer that also prevents further rusting. As a result, the use of these substances usually renders the process of physically removing all the rust from the metal unnecessary.

For a perfect finish, it may be necessary to remove any dirt and loose rust particles before applying the rust converter. To do this, you will have to use a rag, a scraper and sometimes even a wire brush. A vacuum cleaner may also have to be used in order to remove any remaining loose particles.

However, the amount of punishment that the metal will suffer, and the heat that will be generated as a result, will be considerably less than when having to remove all the rust from the metal surface. This is what makes rust converters a less risky form of rust prevention.

The double team

Most converters usually contain at least two active ingredients. The first ingredient reacts with the iron oxide. This process converts the rust into a stable material that usually has a consistent color.

The second substance in the converter then helps create a protective coat that offers protection from water and oxygen, hence shielding the treated part from the ravages of rust.

A paint-friendly surface

What is even better about rust converters is that they don't just help get rid of the ugly look created by rust. They also help to ensure that one ends up with a surface that he or she can apply paint on. They therefore end up providing the benefits of complete rust elimination without the risks associated with the physical removal of the rust.

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